Trimbakeshwar Pooja Charges

Trimbakeshwar Pooja Charges

Trimbakeshwar Pooja Charges : The holi city of Trimbak is home to Trimbaskeshwar Mahadev temple. People from all over India come for Mahakumba mela every 12 years plus its part of the 12 Jyotirlinga.

Also people from all over Maharashtra come for Narayan bali, Nag bali, Tripindi Shradha and Kalasarpa Shanti.

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Narayan Nagbali Puja

It comprises of two different rituals. Narayan bali is accomplished to get relieve of ancestral curse while Nag bali is done to get relieve of sin done by killing snake, specially Cobra which is worshipped in India. People do it at Trimbakeshwar.

Narayan Nagbali is one of the main rituals done at Trimbakeshwar. Ancient scriptures like Dharma Sindhu, which describes different religious rites, mentions that this particular ritual should be done only at Trimbakeshwar.

People do Narayanbali-Nagbali pooja at Trimbakeshwar only. It is of three days. This puja needs a special dates to do it. Some days are not suitable to do this puja. People do this puja for so many reasons. If one has suffering from illness, going through bad times, someone in family has killed Nag (cobra). Or one is having an issue to have kids or just you have everything and you want to do some religious puja to have everything.

The Pooja of Narayan Nagbali is of 3 days.

A Male person should do Narayan Nagbali Pooja. As per our shastra a female alone cannot do the Pind-daan& pin-daan is contained in Narayan Nagbali Pooja

A person needs to come one day before or early in the morning till 6 AM on the date Muhurta. Once Pooja begin you should not leave Trimbak till pooja ends. On last day you will be free around 12 noon.

They should eat food that should be without Onion, Garlic food on those Pooja days. Next day onward they can have.

Rs. 5500/- Daxina contains all the Pooja Samugri, food and stay arrangement for 2 persons per Pooja. They should give Trimbakeshwar Pooja Charges once the Pooja gets over.

They have to bring new clothes for themselves like white dhoti, gamcha, napkin for Male and other than black green & white colors saree, blouse etc. for female (wife).

Reservation for this ritual must be made minimum 4 days in advance by informing us. A person’s name and telephone number is to be registered before coming for the rites. It is certain to make reservations to use all the facilities. People can make reservations through phone or mail.

They cannot have Non-veg & Alcohol for next 41 days including Pooja day.

Pitra Dosh Puja

A person born under the ninth house where Sun and Rahu should do Pitra Dosh Puja. If someone’s ancestors have not achieved peace because of religious rituals at the time of death then this Dosha evolve in the horoscope of the person.

Pitra Dosh is a very necessary aspect in the Indian astrology and one should amend it as soon as possible without any delay. It usually occurs when the ancestors find it very difficult to free themselves from the ties on earth and results in hardships. If the pitras are happy with the devotion, then they surely clear the entire path to happiness as well as success.

Who should perform Pitra Dosh Puja?

As per the ancient text, Pitra Dosh occurs if any forefathers up to the 4th generation on the mother’s side and 7th generation on the father’s side had an unnatural death or expired at a very early age. It is also very necessary to respect the parental desires of the ancestors and follow some good deeds. If one does not follow this, then souls of the ancestors never rest in peace and become Pitra Dosh.  If a person does not perform Pooja for their ancestors then he might suffer from the curse of “Pitra Dosh”.

When should I do this Pooja?

Amavasya and Ashtami are usually the best days to do the Pitru Dosh Niwaran.

Some people also do this pooja on Pitru Paksha.

Moreover, this Pooja should take place on the last day of Pitra Paksha. Relying upon the Kundli of the person and consulting the expert this pooja should take place.

How to perform Pitra Dosh Pooja?

Time needed: 3 hours.

For doing the puja you can reach Trayambakeshwar Temple in Nasik the evening before the Puja. You can also choose to reach the Mandir on the morning of the Puja.

Do Tripindhi Shradh for the Puja. They do Tripindhi Shradh beside the Kund. People worship three Gods on this Puja. Worship Brahma, Vishnu, Shankar, and Gopal Krishna after doing Puja of the Kalash.

People give a Pindh in the name of all the forefathers that have passed away. Starting from great-grandparents to uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, mother and fathers-in-law and anybody from the family who all are dead. It also contains the Gurujis who have passed away.

Kala Til, Jal, Pushpa, Tulsi Leaves are given and these Pindhs are worshipped. The Vidhaan is of 1.5-2hrs.

You can give foods, clothes in the name of the forefathers that are no more alive.

The materials needed for Pitra Dosh Pooja

The list of pooja materials contains Ashtagandha, Abeer / Gulal, Agarbatti, Dhoopam, Elaichi, Ganga Mitti, Ganga Jal, Ghee, Jaggery. Also, the person should wear new clothes which include gamcha and dhoti. And the ladies should have a new saree, blouse and other important things.

Other materials are: Turmeric powder, Honey, Sindoor, Kachcha Soot, Kapoor, Rice, Red Cloth, Napkin, Sapt-dhanya, Wheat, Flowers and Cow dung as advised by the pandit.

Where to perform Pitra Dosh Puja?

It is best to perform the Puja at Trimbakeshwar Temple, Nashik.

What are the types of Pitra Dosh Puja?

There are three types of Pitra Dosh Puja done at Trimbakeshwar. They are:

  • Narayan Nagbali Puja: This is a three day Puja. It is a very elaborate procedure. There are three parts of this Puja and requires complete dedication.
  • Tripindhi Shradh: This is a one day Puja. This Puja is beside the Kundh.
  • Teerth Shradh:People do this Puja at the house of the Pandit. This is also a one day Puja.

Trimbakeshwar Pooja Charges for performing Pitra Dosh Puja?

Pitra Dosh Puja is a 1 day Puja. It takes around 3 hours to complete the Puja. Trimbakeshwar Pooja Charges of doing this Puja is around 2,500-3000.

Kaal Sarp Puja

The Kaal Sarp Dosha is when all planets come between Rahu and Ketu or when all the stars of fortune or planets get trapped in a wrong circle then they have kalsarpa yog in their life.

KalSarp Yog can influence a person for as long as 47 years and some for lifetime, it relies upon the position of the planets.

Why to do Kalsarpa Puja?

Many people know about the Kalsarpa Yog in their Kundali but neglect it. That’s when issues in life begin. To succeed in professional life, to create your name and identity in society and to accomplish all that we desire and wish in life one has to do Kalsarpa puja.

Kaal sarp Dosh is associated with negative energies that can have an effect on the physical, mental and subconscious state of human beings.

Trimbakeshwar Kaal Sarp Puja Cost:

The only remedy for getting rid of the ill-effects of the Kaal sarp Dosh is getting the Kalsarp yog puja Trimbakeshwar done to cool down the planets.

The prices of kalsarpa yog puja are samuhik puja or group puja costs rupees 1100-INR for each individual in group.

If an individual wishes to do the individual puja, Trimbakeshwar Pooja Charges are 2100-INR.

If any one wishes to do Maha Puja which contains- new samagri, 3 bramhan, rudra abhishek, rahu-ketu jaap along with Kaal Sarp Puja which Cost around 5100-INR.

Trimbakeshwar Pooja Charges for Tripindi Puja:

It is a Puja Vidhi in which contribution are made in the memory of the dear departed. Tripindi Shraddha is a contribution in the memory of the dear departed. If for three successive years the offerings are not made to the dear departed then the dead gets vehement, so to calm them these contribution are made.

The right of Tripindi puja:

The couple should do the Tripindi. A widower can also do this. An unmarried person can also do this formality. A Hindu woman goes to various families after her marriage. Hence she cannot do the Tripindi or Shraddha for her parents; but she can do the Tripindi or Shraddha for those deceased who were related to the family if her husband. Therefore, they should wear a brand new unwashed white dress at the time of doing this.


Puja Samagri

  • For Gents: – Dhoti, Gamcha, Underwear or Kurta Paijama.
  • For Ladies: – Sadi or Punjabi Dress.

Bring small gold snake for puja vidhi.

Don’t wear the black and green colour cloths on puja day.

Puja Scheduled: – 3 Days.

Instructions before Tripindi puja

  • Followers should reach Trimbakeshwar till 6 pm one day before the vidhi.
  • ID proof is important at all lodges in Trimbakeshwar to book a room.
  • Also, they charge separately for stay and food from the puja Trimbakeshwar Pooja Charges.
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  1. What will be rhe cost of angark dosh and chandal dosh, can it be done here in triambakeshwar, can it be done together, what’s the time for this puja

  2. What will be rhe cost of angark dosh and chandal dosh, can it be done here in triambakeshwar, can it be done together, what’s the time for this puja

      1. काल सर्प पूजा का कुल खर्च २१०० रु होता है सभी सामग्री सहित। यह ३-४ घंटे की पूजा होती है।

  3. My name is paspul Hemanth. Age 40 .from 15 years iam searching girl to married but it’s not happening. So please suggest me. What kind of pooja require.

    1. If you are male then you have to perform ark vivah and if you are female then you have to perform kumbh vivah puja. Call me for more info +918378000068

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