Kala sarpa dosha chart

Kala sarpa dosha chart

Kala Sarpa dosha chart: Kala Sarpa Yoga is one of the most dangerous yogas in Vedic astrology. While its classical remark is changeable. So it’s associated to the nabhasa yogas. As it has overriding influences on the Kala sarpa dosha chart much like the nabhasa yogas.

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Kaal sarpa dosha chart :

The person gets wrap in a life of slavery. They get less success appearing in life. But until the yoga bloom at the age of forty. To add, the yoga has been given various names of the divine serpents; relying on the twelve various ways the yoga can form. With the expansive range of remedies available the tradition of Śri Achyuta Dasa teaches the following:

Traditional teaching-

Kaal Sarpa yoga is when all the planets are in between the two nodes of the moon: Rāhu and Ketu. Thus the nodes, breaking the zodiac in half. Would have all the planets positioned in the signs. It is in-between Rāhu to Ketu, or from Ketu to Rāhu. This is kaal sarpa yoga. There are nevertheless two alternatives of this yoga. The node which is in front of the planets in the head. If this head is Rahu, the yoga is Kaal Sarpa yoga. Nevertheless if this head is Ketu. Then the yoga is Kaal Amṛta yoga.

The dissimilarity between the two is obvious from their names:

Kaal Sarpa yoga will push one into a life of sense-objective knowledge, in other words, a temporal life.

Kaal Amṛta yoga alternatively puts one on the path of spirituality.

While either would seem attractive relying on personal desire. The yoga torments the person’s life before giving the above path. The person lives a life of slavery and torment. It is among the two extremes of material life and spirituality until the proper age.  How the slavery manifests must be confirmed through the analysis of the nodes from lagnesa, aruḍha lagna, karaka lagna, etc.

The slavery experienced by the people is the superimposition of Maya onto the native in an overpowering way. As a result, the truth of the Kala sarpa dosha chart becomes averted in the native. It is to the extent of the person following an agenda unlike from that suggested by the Kala sarpa dosha chart. The head of the yoga being either Rāhu i.e. Kaalsarpa or Ketu i.e. kaalamṛta will suggest which agenda.

Just as the light of the Sun abolish darkness. So also truth resolves untruth. It can break the Kaalsarpa/amṛta yoga. The houses of truth are the first and seventh houses. It represents the entrance into this world and exit here from, respectively. Planets are in the first or seventh from the following node. They are in the first or seventh from the Lagna. It will thus be able to break the yoga and organize the truth.

If the planet breaking the yoga is maligned, then the experience of the truth is quite horrible. It can lead to agony or general unhappiness in life. Contrary to this a beneficial planet doing the same will give a pleasant and happy experience. It is upon the realization of truth, and escape from slavery.

In the case of Kaal sarpa/amṛta yoga, the astrologer should always advise remedies of the beneficial planets breaking the yoga; otherwise, the success of the person will be presented continuously in life. If no benefits seem to be breaking the yoga, the power of the most important among the two gurus: Jupiter and Venus should be advised. These two Gurus can lead the person out of the slavery of the yoga.

Specifically, it’s said that the Kaal sarpa yoga, with Rāhu as its king. It eclipses the Sun who in turn requires the saving grace of Jupiter. Similarly, the Kaal amṛta yoga, with Ketu as its king, eclipses the Moon, and Venus is the saving grace. Yet, in either case, both the gurus Jupiter and Venus must be evaluated. It is to find the saving grace in the chart.

Kalasarpa dosha chart :

The Mahavidya will abolish the avidya experienced by the person. Because of the Kaal sarpa/amṛta yoga, and ensure the welfare of the person.

Tales of the Kaalsarpa/amṛta yoga are always best told by personal experience. As seen from the chart of this scribe, all the planets are between Rāhu and Ketu. Ketu leads the pack of planets creating kaalamṛta yoga. The yoga begins along the third/ninth axis. It is showing that the problems of dharma, father, education, etc. would be the issue. Just as in the previous case Sun is in trines to Rahu in the ninth. It is showing that the person would disregard the father’s advice. It is yet very respectful towards the father as Atma karaka is in the ninth house.

Mars and Saturn don’t affect the ninth through conjunction. But ninth lord is joined Saturn showing set down on part of the father. This scribe after completing his secondary education was uninspired to continue his studies. Instead, he sought to further his understanding of spirituality and was seeing all other studies as useless. The fourth house is the seat of formal studies. Its lord Saturn is blaze by its conjunction with the Sun in navamsa. Since Rahu also lords the fourth house in the scene is set for comedown informal studies. Especially since the karaka, Mercury is in the fourth from Rāhu.

During the sabbatical, this scribe was affluent enough to learn different sadhanas which he practiced ardently under his Guru’s guidance. Rahu in the ninth house as Atmakaraka will always assure the Guru, just as Saturn Atmakaraka in the Lagna. It will always establish strong spiritual ideals and make the person a brahmaṇa doing good for society. These sadhanas were taught to this scribe with a definite focus on breaking the kaalamṛta yoga in his chart. Here is the analysis of these remedies:

Agni sadhana: Sun symbolizes the deity Agni as per the Parasara. And among the planets breaking the kaalamṛta yoga, only Sun in the Lagna is doing so. At this time the person understood the need for him to write articles more seriously. And accumulate them for the sake of teaching. Sun is the tenth lord. As a result, they allowed knowledge of karma-yoga. As Agni is the Adhi-devata of the Sun, it promises the initiation of all works/karma.

Bagalamukhi sadhana: Mars symbolize the deity Bagalamukhi and with the exchange among Sun in the Lagna. Mars in the tenth house, the person was initiated into this sadhana. To assimilate this scribe with more discipline and character. It was tough. But paid off in a great way to give this scribe a better direction in life. Especially in matters of education and career. It was because of this sadhana that the person became more settled in life. They also decided to finish his education.

Kaal Sarp dosha chart :

In matters of the ninth house and education, Jupiter’s blessings are needed. When progressed Jupiter arrived at Rahu during the 25th year, this scribe entered into a serious relationship. They felt the need to complete his formal studies. They wrote a book and published it. A stable astrological practice continued as a result. This scribe married one year later. It is doing very well in his studies seeking to finish in the near future.

The full completion of Venus’ twelve-year cycle of the amṛta yoga is in the 32nd year of this scribe.

As evident, most of the cases of Kaalamṛta/sarpa yoga cause lag. In some various cases also a complete disapproval of professional pursuit, until the problem is remedied. The cases cited above are the lucky ones.  They are yet to find any relief or stability in their life as a result. The intense grasp of the node some say that the leading node in the yoga act as a temporary Atmakaraka.

People observed that the Kaalsarpa/amṛta yoga eclipses the soul/Atmakaraka temporarily. For this reason the Atmakaraka appears to be one of the nodes. In fact, what is really happening is that just as Viṣṇu upholds the Atma in the form of an at Malinga. It sustains its existence, Ananta/Sesanaga upholds Viṣṇu. Thus just as if Viṣṇu were to remove the sustenance of the Atma, it would die. Also if Ananta were to turn his head away then even Viṣṇu the Istadevata cannot help. This is the significance of the kaalsarpa/amṛta yoga.

All the Mahavidya worships Ananta, hence all those planets connect the nodes. First/seventh houses actually are the Mahavidya helping the person out of the grasp of the Kaalsarpa/amṛta yoga. Worship of the Mahavidya is thus important to assure the foundation for good things to come in life. 

Taking this knowledge to heart we must realize the importance of our own mother in flesh and blood. And how her blessing is, in fact, a proof of the Mahavidya through our karma. So do well in remembering your mother once in a while and asking for her blessing.

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