Rudraksha for Kaal Sarp Dosh

Rudraksha for Kaal Sarp Dosh, Kavach and Yantra

Rudraksha for Kaal Sarp Dosh : The one who take Rudraksha get good luck and decrease all effect of Kaal Sarp Dosha. It holds amazing energy among st an enthusiast.

 In Hindus religion, People look up Rudraksha with a great amount. Also, these problems came on your life way those take away from your life and you would enjoy a happy life.

 You must do the Shiva Pooja on every day when Rahu and Ketu planets come at a specific place.

 Those processes get relief from the malign effect of Rahu and Ketu planets regulating your life. It helps to make more advantageous.

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Benefits of Rudraksha for Kaal Sarp Dosh Removal

  • Firstly, it brings great ease and comfort to you.
  • Secondly, if a person would like someone to care for you a lot. That person suffering from Kaal Sarp Dosha, you can give it to them. This Rudraksha for Kaal Sarp Dosha removal to work one who wants to get exude with good luck.
  • In order to have squeezed with loads of effort.
  • Also, it plays an important role to improve the health and wealth state of the wearer.
  • In addition, Good luck is always staying with those who carry this.
  • In order to take care of you as well as keep you safe from the negative power.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Rudraksha

This Kaal Sarp Dosha removal point of view, this bead is also very beneficial. There are many types of  Rudraksha Beads available. There are many types of Rudraksha Beads.

Anybody can wear a rosary of the five-faced beads (108,54 beads) strung together. However, in certain cases it is necessary to consult an expert. They can tell you which bead will bring a maximum advantage. Also which particular type or a combination may be helpful to solve a particular issue. The mantras for wearing the various faceted Rudraksha beads are given below the description of each Rudraksha bead. These mantras have been described in the Padam Purana.

  1. Faced Rudraksha/ Ek Mukhi Rudraksha for Kaal Sarp Dosh: One faced Rudraksha bead is very difficult to find. This is the kind of Rudraksha bead and in many cases accumulating one faced Rudraksha beads cost millions. It is generally accessible in the shape of a cashew nut. All past life sins are relieved by wearing this Rudraksha. Also, only a very fortunate person gets motivated to possess this bead. No enemy can cause injury to the person wearing this bead. The person gets all happiness in life. This also cures the malign effects of the Sun. It makes the person charismatic and radiant like the divine Surya himself.
  2. Faced Rudraksha / Do Mukhi Rudraksha for Kaal Sarp Dosh:It is best for those who are convoluted in politics, government service or administration. This also helps in healing the disease caused by the unfavorable placement of the Sun in the Birth chart. Such as diseases of the right eye, bones, mental anxiety and issues with elders especially with one’s Father. It gives securing powers against heart ailments. The representing deity is Ardhnariswara. It leads to the adjusting of energies among two people and thereby making happy and lasting attachments. Also, an excellent bead for improving relationships. 
  3. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Three Faced Rudraksha/ Teen Mukhi Rudraksha: This representing deity is Agni which is the Lord of Fire. It confers the wearer the confidence and the energy to face any situation. This is excellent for introvert people or those who suffer from depression, anxiety, psychosis or guilt persuaded complexes. It gives success in sports. This bead is also good for those who have Real Estate as their career. The malign effects of Mars are considerably decreased by wearing this bead. People use it for controlling blood pressure, regulation of the menstrual cycle/menstrual stress and removal of depression. Also, this bead is also advantageous for those having Manglik Dosha in their charts. It is for those people who are moody.
  4. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Four Faced Rudraksha/ Char Mukhi Rudraksha: The defining deity is Lord Brahma which is the creator of the Universe. It boosts the power of original thinking and helps in convoluted mental pursuits. However, this helps to abolish the malign effects of Mercury and helps in growing the power of speech. It is very useful in the treatment of stammering, asthma and directing the mind towards grasping knowledge.
  5. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Five Faced Rudraksha/ Panch Mukhi Rudraksha: It is the most plentiful bead among all Rudraksha beads. At least 90% yield of the Rudraksha Tree is of the five-faced Rudraksha bead. It helps in curing the malign effects of Jupiter. This is the bead of Good Luck, academic greatness. It has a peaceful effect on the mind and helps one to be calm.
  6. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Six Faced Rudraksha/ Chheh Mukhi Rudraksha: The defining deity is Lord Kartikeya also known as Skandha. It blesses the wearer with success and acumen. The malign effects of Venus are reserved by wearing this bead. Diseases of a sexual nature, of sexual organs, are healed by this bead. It assists in having a happy marital life and blesses its wearer with vehicles and sensory delight. Certainly, the wearer of this bead has the power of Enchantment in him/her by the power of attracting other people. Although, this bead makes the wearer witty, absorbing and intelligent. Actors and people who have a lot of public dealing use this bead.
  7. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Seven Faced Rudraksha/ Saat Mukhi Rudraksha: The defining deity is Goddess Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. The Bead with secret and concealed powers assures that the wearer never has to face poverty. Moreover, this defining planet is Saturn. It helps in overcoming the malign effects of Saturn and the Sade Sathi period. It blesses its wearer with secret wealth and control over others. Help in the healing of Saturn induced diseases such as impotency, foot-related diseases, respiratory disorders. Moreover, it is also helpful in healing long-standing diseases. Usually kept in the place of worship and not worn on the body. This bead is also helpful for people having the Kaal Sarp Yoga in their charts. Tantrik love this bead. They use it for a lot of hidden Tantrik Sadhanas.
  8. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Eight Faced Rudraksha/ Aath Mukhi Rudraksha: The defining deity is Lord Ganesha. This removes the hurdles from the path of its wearer and assures professional success.So, the malign effects of Rahu are healed by this bead. It is helpful in diseases of the mysterious kind, harassment by spirits, trauma causing dreams, Skin diseases, Stress, and anxiety. This is a very advantageous bead. Moreover, it leads to mysterious advancement and the development of intuitive faculties.
  9. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Nine Faced Rudraksha/ Nau Mukhi Rudraksha: The defining deity is Aadhya Shakti Maa. It assists in managing patience, controlling avoidable anger and a feeling of non-fear. Consequently, the malign effects of Ketu are composed of this bead. The effects of Ketu are the same as those of Rahu and Saturn described above. It also helps in grasping foreign languages and improving vocabulary. It is very dear to Maa Shakti and worn by the Devi Bhaktas.
  10. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Ten Faced Rudraksha/ Das Mukhi Rudraksha: The defining deity is Lord Mahavishnu, the Preserver. Also, it assists the wearer to overcome problematic times. It assures that the wearer and the family of the wearer are covered.
  11. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Eleven Faced Rudraksha/ Gyarah  Mukhi  Rudraksha: The defining deity is Lord Aanjeneya/Hanuman. It protects the wearer from Akal Mrityu i.e. sudden or accidental death. It helps in consolidation and introduces a feeling of right action and courage. A bead with strong protective effects it a good for removing fear. The wearer knows no fear. It assists in doing worldly comforts and wealth. It is especially advantageous for women. The Lady gets a caring wealthy husband. She gets a male offspring.
  12. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Twelve Faced Rudraksha/ Dwadash Mukhi Rudraksha: The defining deity is Surya i.e. Lord Sun. It helps in ruling and building a powerful aura around oneself. It controls the malign effects of the Sun. However, effects similar to those of the one Mukhi bead described above. Those who cannot get a real EkMukhi Bead should wear a 12 faced bead. If they so desire as this bead is similar to effects to the one faced Rudraksha bead.
  13. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Thirteen Faced Rudraksha/ Terah Mukhi Rudraksha: The defining deity is Indra which is the ruler of the Gods. It gives charm, worldly comforts, and spiritual success equally. This is a very rare bead. It gives secret wealth and position of authority to the wearer. It gives spiritual efforts on its Sadhaka. Also, the wearer is the same as King. People get success in challenging situations. It gives the full potential of destiny.
  14. Faced Rudraksha Bead/ Fourteen Faced Rudraksha/ Choudah Mukhi Rudraksha: It is a very rare bead and a powerful bead that shows instant effect. Original 14 Faced Rudraksha beads are very hard to obtain. The defining god is Lord Hanuman. Therefore, it helps the wearer to do the most difficult of Goals. It makes one reach a position of wealth and high rank. It helps in opening the third eye. So that the wearer flourishes such intuition that he can successfully predict events.
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